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Portada - Letras de canciones - Live at the BBC

Live at the BBC

Please please me ] With the Beatles ] A hard day's night ] Beatles for sale ] Help ] Rubber Soul ] Revolver ] Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band ] The Beatles ] Magical mystery tour ] Yellow submarine ] Abbey Road ] Let It Be ] Past Masters one ] Past Masters two ] [ Live at the BBC ]


Aquí tienes disponibles las letras de las canciones inéditas del doble álbum recopilatorio Live at the BBC (las que se repiten de los discos oficiales no están aquí):


Lista de canciones (más abajo tienes las letras)

From us to you
I got a woman
Too much monkey business
Keep your hands off my baby
I'll be on my way
Young blood
A shot of rhythm and blues
Sure to fall
Some other guy
That's alright
Soldier of love
I'm gonna sit right down and cry
Crying, waiting, hoping
To know her is to love her
The honeymoon song
Johnny B Goode
Memphis, tennessee
Sweet little sixteen
Lonesome tears in my eyes
Nothin' Shakin'
The hippy hippy shake
Glad all over
I just don't understand
So how come
I forgot to remember to forget
I got to find my baby
Ooh! My soul
Don't ever change

Disco 1:

Disco 2:

1. Beatles greetings

1. Crinsk dee night

2. From us to you

2. A hard day's night

3. Riding on a bus

3. A have a banana

4. I got a woman

4. I wanna be your man

5. Too much monkey business

5. Just a rumour

6. Keep your hands off my baby

6. Roll over beethoven

7. I'll be on my way

7. All my loving

8. Young blood

8. Things we said today

9. A shot of rhythm and blues

9. She's a woman

10. Sure to fall (in love with you)

10. Sweet little sixteen

11. Some other guy

11. 1822!

12. Thank you girl

12. Lonesome tears in my eyes

13. Sha la la la la!

13. Nothin' Shakin'

14. Baby it's you

14. The hippy hippy shake

15. That's all right (Mama)

15. Glad all over

16. Carol

16. I just don't understand

17. Soldier of love

17. So how come (No one loves me)

18. A little rhyme

18. I feel fine

19. Clarabella

19. I'm a loser

20. I'm gonna sit right down and cry (Ove you)

20. Everybody's trying to be my baby

21. Crying, waiting, hoping

21. Rock and roll music

22. Dear wack!

22. Tickets to ride

23. You really got a hold on me

23. Dizzy miss lizzie

24. To know her is to love her

24. Medley: Kansas city/Hey! hey! Hey! hey!

25. A taste of honey

25. Set fire to that lot!

26. Long tall sally

26. Matchbox

27. I saw her standing there

27. I forgot to remember to forget

28. The honeymoon song

28. Love these goon shows!

29. Johnny B goode

29. I got to find my baby

30. Memphis, Tennessee

30. Ooh! my soul

31. Lucille

31. Ooh! my arms

32. Can't buy me love

32. Don't ever change

33. From fluff to you

33. Slow down

34. Till there was you

34. Honey don't

35. Love me do



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