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Portada - Letras de canciones - Live at the BBC - Clarabella


From us to you ] I got a woman ] Too much monkey business ] Keep your hands off my baby ] I'll be on my way ] Young blood ] A shot of rhythm and blues ] Sure to fall ] Some other guy ] That's alright ] Carol ] Soldier of love ] [ Clarabella ] I'm gonna sit right down and cry ] Crying, waiting, hoping ] To know her is to love her ] The honeymoon song ] Johnny B Goode ] Memphis, tennessee ] Lucille ] Sweet little sixteen ] Lonesome tears in my eyes ] Nothin' Shakin' ] The hippy hippy shake ] Glad all over ] I just don't understand ] So how come ] I forgot to remember to forget ] I got to find my baby ] Ooh! My soul ] Don't ever change ]

Clarabella (Pingatore) Voz: McCartney
Well, I got a baby ... crazy for me
Yeah, I got a baby ... won't let me be
Woh, baby baby, Clarabella
Baby baby, Clarabella
Baby baby, wo-wo, yeah-uh

Well, she needs no coachin' on makin' love
All she needs is the stars up above
Woh, baby baby, Clarabella
Baby baby, Clarabella
Baby baby, wo-wo, yeah-uh, ahh! woo-hoo

Well now, Clarabella, you're my honey, Clarabella
Ooh yeah now, Clarabella
I said you're my baby
Yeah, Clarabella, baby, wo-wo, yeah-yeh

Well, she's got no time for dungaree
Already knows her ABC
Woh, baby baby, Clarabella
Baby baby, Clarabella
Baby baby, wo-wo, yeah-yeh, ahh! woo

Well now, Clarabella
Yeah, you're my honey, Clarabella
Woo ooh, you're my baby, Clarabella
You're my honey, Clarabella
Yeah, Clarabella, baby

Wo-wo, yeah-heh-yeah, oh-yeah




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